Writer, Director, Composer, Fight Arranger


David Goodall has been working as a fight director since 1981. From rapiers to pick-axe handles, he’s swung most objects at most people, and helped them do likewise to each other. For theatre he’s directed fights throughout the UK, as well as Canada and Europe; on film he’s responsible for causing a stramash in Beats, Limbo, Sunshine On Leith, Red Road and others. On TV he has encouraged people to poke each other aggressively-but-safely on shows including Shetland, Deadwater Fell, The Loch, Demon Headmaster, and in days gone by Rebus and Taggart. He is behind all the kung fu shenanigans on MI High, and also Kunged his Fu in the cult show Phoo Action. In truth, most of the work is done by his cat, Mr Socks.

"David did a fantastic job. Beyond budget and schedule limitations I was particularly impressed with David's ability to understand the requirements of the story. Too often the stunts department want to over-egg the pudding and I was delighted that David offered up solutions in keeping with the scale and premise of the script.
After analysing the location and the shots I wanted to achieve he went to work on training the actors and building their confidence. Without his hard work and dedication we would not have achieved the seamless results we got.
Thankfully, he is also able to include animals in his stunts and that really sets him apart from the competition"
- Colin Kennedy, Director & Writer