Writer, Director, Composer, Fight Arranger


David Goodall - Music Reel from David Goodall on Vimeo.

Alan Parsons Award for Best Score - Silver Rose For Sound Design - Best Score - Best Sound Design - Best Original Song - Some examples

As a composer since 1981, David's music can be heard on many films and TV shows. His music is released through the Soundsmove label and is on various platforms including
Apple Music

"David Goodall’s score is equally playful and beguiling, and alone fit to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day"

"This subtle, moral tale was told to the backdrop of David Goodall’s evocative score, one that flows from jaunty and melodic through to melancholic and back again"

"Goodall’s playful, freewheeling sound design is a star of the production. It scampers along!"

"Composer David Goodall’s lovely music perfectly captures the mood"